Blog Author

Marie is a boomer born right smack in the middle of the bell curve of her generation (also known as the "Pig in the Python"). She enjoyed typical boomer youth- you know, long hair, bell-bottoms, ankh symbols and rock-and-roll. But, along the way, a lot of her assumptions and expectations were being tested.

She enrolled at the University of Calgary at age 16 in the Social Work Programme, but when there were no jobs to be had in this field, she switched to Business Administration.

She married at 20 years old and gave birth to her children when she was 22 and 25, respectively. Initially a stay-at-home mom, two things happened almost simultaneously that rocked her world. Her husband had a serious work accident and, when their mortgage renewed, the interest rate had increased by 7%. Both these events put their financial situation at risk.

Marie started working at one of the major Canadian banks, and this "temporary" career lasted for almost 26 years. If nothing else, this job taught her a lot about finances and people’s behaviour when it comes to managing their money.

Personal Tidbits

She and her husband lived in Calgary, Alberta most of their lives. A few years ago, they sold their 3000-square-foot bungalow and moved to a nice 1000-square-foot apartment in one of the best places to retire to in Canada - Kelowna B.C. According to the pundits, downsizing should have boosted their retirement nest egg considerably, but with all the expenses of moving, buying and selling, etc, there wasn't a whole lot left over, and they are still adjusting to living in a much smaller space.

" Kelowna is a terrific place to live as I love to spend time outdoors, and when I’m inside I like to read, bake, sew and do all kinds of crafts, and of course write in my blog!

We have also made it our mission to visit every winery in the Okanagan. So far, we have only made a dent in the more than 150 vineyards in our area, and we’re still deciding on our favourite wines (which is taking a surprisingly lot of research)".

Becoming a Blog Author

Using her banking knowledge and experience in investing and financial planning, Marie Engen collaborated with one of her sons on the popular finance blog “Boomer and Echo,” which she also co-authored for eight years.

She has now decided to provide a new blog called "The Boomer Club". During the time she worked on the Boomer and Echo blog, she found that even though money is a very important part of having a successful retirement, people who are currently, or soon to be, retired have a lot of other things on their minds such as health concerns, estate planning, dealing with family – elderly parents or adult children, and what to do with all that free time.Those topics will therefore be the focus of her new "The Boomer Club" blog.