Do You Still Own Old Stuff From Decades Ago?

I was browsing around our local (tiny) museum and came across the section of antique household furniture and other domestic gadgets.  Imagine my surprise when I saw items that I had received for wedding presents decades ago.

I always thought that something had to be 100 years old to be considered an antique.  The items I see when I watch The Antiques Roadshow, especially the British version, sometimes date back to the first Queen Elizabeth.

I can understand seeing items that my grandparents or even my parents owned, but not things I’ve purchased brand new myself for goodness sakes!

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I feel like I should put on a housedress, wrap myself in a nice warm shawl, sit in my rocking chair and watch the world go by.  I’ll complain about today’s young’uns and tell everyone I see about the “good old days.” (Oh, wait, I do that now already!)

Old is Now Called Retro

I know retro is in style – I see shag carpets are back for example – but they are usually made from modern materials and/or have an updated look.  So, my question is:  Why would anyone actually want to purchase these old items voluntarily?  And for the prices they are asking?

I think back to my brown and orange plaid living room furniture (pretty hideous in retrospect), my Harvest Gold appliances and the multi-colour kitchen flooring that I can’t even begin to describe (it was no-wax though).

Who knew my home is full of antiques?

I still own some of the items I got back in the day and they’re actually made a lot better than any replacement I could buy now – especially kitchen appliances.  

In fact, my 40-year-old stand mixer (avocado green, no less) still works great.  It sounds like I’m at a monster truck rally, but I warn my husband when I’m about to use it and he just turns up the volume on the football game he’s watching until I’m done.

I think I’ll go through all my closets and cupboards and see what I can find. Maybe I’ll put them on eBay or Kijiji and make a mint. 

Or, maybe I’ll leave these “valuable antiques” to my kids in my will.  

I can just see the amazed and excited looks on their faces. 

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