Extra Reading: Downsizing, Retiring Together & Retirement Income

I’m sure you all know at least one person who is so set in their ways they think they are always right about everything.

My own father was a “my way or the highway” type of person, which didn’t sit well with his often-rebellious daughter.

Anyway, even though this blog decidedly has my own personal views and opinions on various aspects of retirement living and finances, I do enjoy a rousing debate with someone who has a different outlook.

Extra reading

Here’s what some other writers have been discussing lately.


  • Like Joyce Wayne at Retirement Matters, we too didn’t realize a large gain when we moved to a smaller condo. She regrets her decision to sell her house in the downside of downsizing.  Unlike Joyce though, we won’t be relocating anytime soon.


  • Speaking of remaining in the family home, there’s been a sharp rise in mortgages being taken out by the elderly, suggesting they are either funding their retirement from their home equity, or helping their young family members with such things as education costs, debt repayment and down payments for their own homes.


  • Women who retire at the same time as their husbands are losing out on pension benefits. They are typically younger than their spouses and may be leaving their employment while still in their peak earning years.


  • However, having to go to work every day while hubby is lounging around and doing fun activities can cause a lot of resentment, especially if he isn’t pulling his weight around the house.


  • Or, you end up retiring with a grouchy spouse. What’s with that? We women just can’t get a break.


  • On a different topic, at My Own Advisor, a financial planner helps a couple with a detailed retirement income strategy that optimizes their government benefits and reduces taxes. Maybe it’s just me, but I am definitely not in favour of people structuring their assets to take advantage of a government income program designed to help poor people make ends meet.


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