Extra Reading – Give Yourself a September Boost

I’ve always loved September.  When I was a kid it meant new possibilities for a new school year – new teachers and subjects, new school supplies, and a whole new chance to start over.  I’m going to go by “Cecilia” now says my friend, one of several dozen Marys in our school (we went to Catholic school).  I’m going to try out for basketball says bookworm Marie (yeah, that’s me).

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It also means the beginning of shorter days and cooler weather after the lazy, hot days of summer and admiring the changing colours of the leaves.

Well, I’m definitely not a kid anymore, but there’s still a part of me that feels the same.  The change of season has me ready for a fresh start, new routines, and a chance to get back on track.

This September why not give yourself a boost and recharge your life.

Your home

We’re Canadian so we know winter is coming.  Get your home prepared with this fall maintenance checklist.

Have you heard of Hygge?  Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness, comfort, and contentment in your home.  My surname “Engen” is Norwegian, so I was interested in this home decorating trend.  Here’s how to adopt the hygge lifestyle this fall.

We can’t be cozy and comfortable in our homes if we’re surrounded by clutter.  Here are 25 things to throw out today.

What you eat

Did your parents have a vegetable garden when you were growing up?  Mine did and we were busy with fall chores like digging up potatoes, picking crab-apples, shelling peas and cutting carrots until our hands seemed to be permanently stained orange – preparing for freezing and canning.

Most people don’t have those big gardens anymore and would prefer to just buy their produce now.  But produce is getting so expensive – even from farmer’s markets and stalls.  Much of it is imported and all that travel reduces its nutritional quality. 

You can lower your food bill AND improve your health with frozen fruit and veggies. (But I’ll still run away from the package of frozen mixed vegetables with those rubbery carrots and green beans!)

And here’s 10 superfoods to add to your diet.

The days of manning the barbeque are coming to a close.  Ease into fall with these comfort foods.

Your lifestyle

Why not plan a fall getaway and enjoy the changing colours of the leaves before they drop?

In the fall, where I live, the sun seems to stay permanently behind the clouds and the grey weather makes me feel sleepy.  If you get the same way try some – or all – of these 28 ways to boost your energy.  New habits need repetition and before you know it they become automatic and you’ll boost your mood.

Make your days more memorable.  Time passes so quickly, and you want to enjoy yourself while you can.  Make yourself a list like this one of fun things to do now instead of someday.  Reliving and talking about them afterward increases your enjoyment.

Your money

Lately, the stock market has been wavering up and down and the latest financial talk is about an impending recession.  This shouldn’t worry us because we made a retirement plan – right?

Check your budget to make sure you’re on track and, if you are, there’s nothing wrong with splurging a bit.

The bottom line

When we become adults we lose the prompt to reboot our lives every fall, But we don’t have to.

If you’ve fallen into a routine and become complacent, or your life needs a jolt, you need a renew and refresh.

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