Extra Reading: Market Fluctuations, Interest Rate Hike, and Pot

I’m a big advocate of lifelong learning.  Retirement is a great time to learn something new and challenge yourself.

My challenge was to start this blog.  And, what a challenge it has been!  Even though I have been in the financial services industry for decades and have written about it for several years, this new undertaking has certainly been a frustrating test of my determination and persistence since I’m probably the least computer savvy person you are likely to encounter.

If a “techy-type” says something is easy-peasy, they haven’t met me yet.  It just seems that there is always a piece of the puzzle missing.

When I throw up my hands and threaten to quit, my dear husband encourages me, “You can do it!” and I plow on some more.



So, I’d like to thank readers for being patient and sticking with me while I attempt to work out the bugs.

This month, in between tearing out my hair, I’ve been writing about these things:

Extra reading

Here’s what others have been writing about.

  • We know to take a long view of our investments, but the recent fluctuations in the stock market can still be stomach churning. Financial Independence Hub explains what a market decline looks like for the balanced investor.

“Declines and bear markets are a normal part of investing.”

  • If you need a bit more handholding, you can’t go wrong if you heed wise advice from the “Oracle of Omaha,” Warren Buffett.
  • The Bank of Canada raised its key interest rate for the fifth time since the summer of 2017 as our economy continues to expand.
  • Canadians hate to pay fees but Mark Goodfield, the Blunt Bean Counter, admonishes us that sometimes you need to obtain professional advice to avoid potential financial consequences.

“Some people make financial decisions that just make you want to shake your head.”





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