Extra Reading: Summer Road Trip

We’re off on our road trip through the Rockies to Calgary to visit family and especially our grandchildren  who we don’t see often enough in my opinion.

Driving this route reminds me of vacationing with my parents.  My Dad always stacked us in the car at the crack of dawn and would not stop for any reason other than to gas up.

In contrast we will take our time and occasionally stop to stretch our legs and admire the scenery.

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Extra reading

Here are some articles that may give you a few ideas on how to plan your perfect summer.

  • Blogger Barry Choi seems to have extensive travel experience for his young age and he regularly posts some good information such as:

Best travel credit cards

Top travel websites used by Canadians

Saving on your next road trip

Top travel rewards programs

What to look for when booking a hotel

  • I always seem to forget to pack a key item when I travel.  Yes, I know you can buy most things at your destination, but it can still be inconvenient.  Next time I’ll use this packing spreadsheet – yes, a spreadsheet!  This appeals to my nerdy mind.
  • And for those who just have to pack everything they own – you know, just in case – here are some tips to help you pack extra light.
  • Work on your bucket list with these 50 things to do.  Skip down past the winter fun (that’s for later – it will come soon enough) and check out the rest.  #28 is my current ongoing pastime and #34 has long been a family favourite.
  • If you plan on sticking closer to home, see how many of these activities you can do this summer.
  • Bugs can be such an annoyance when we’re spending our short Canadian summers outdoors.  Keep them at bay with these hacks.
  • I like to slip on my flip-flops when I head out to the pool, but they can really mess with your feet. 
  • I’ve been thinking that future driverless cars would be a great benefit to us seniors.  Long drives would be less tiring. But apparently, according to this author, they will not solve our transportation problem.

Have a great Canada Day weekend.

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