Multi-Family Vacations – a New Trend

Boomers love to travel, and many consider a vacation a must-have in retirement.  They also want to spend more time with family.   More families are choosing to vacation together.  Multi-generational travel is the top new trend.  The whole family gets together – adult children as well as grandchildren – or just the grandkids for an unforgettable adventure.

Many families live far apart and multi-generational travel is a great way for families to get together and have fun.

Tips for travelling with your family

Travelling with multi generations needs planning, flexibility and patience.   Here are some tips to craft an experience that engages everyone.

1.  Choose a location with variety

Multi-generational vacations work best when there are a variety of activities suited for different interests and physical capabilities.  Have everyone – even young kids – decide on one activity they’d like to do or see to ensure everyone has fun.   Then you can build your itinerary that everyone will enjoy.

Plan a few activities that everyone in your family will enjoy doing together.  However, don’t expect everyone to participate in every activity.  And remember, celebrating time together is an important part of a multi-generational family vacation.  So plan for some “do nothing” time and just hang out.

2.  Schedule some alone time

Yes, you love your family, but everyone can use some alone time, even on vacation. 

Everyone needs a break.  Don’t be offended is someone wants to stay behind and have a nap, read a book or just relax and recharge. 

3.  Accommodations

Discuss the options with everyone in your group.  Maybe you’re the type of family who will enjoy a large vacation rental with separate sleeping arrangements and common living spaces.  Or perhaps separate hotel rooms work best for your brood.  Respect everyone’s need for privacy.  You want to spend time together, but you don’t want to trip over each other.

Discuss some basic rules or routines for your trip.  For example, will everyone get together for all meals?  Or will each family breakfast on their own, and then meet up for lunch or dinner?

4.  Be clear on finances

When planning a multi-generational vacation consider everyone’s budget, and make sure to discuss who pays for what.  Often these trips are gifts, with the grandparents footing the bill for the whole group.  But inevitably, there will be additional and unexpected expenses.  Who will pay for meals and drinks?  What about activities and excursions? You don’t want any misunderstandings to ruin your vacation.

Decide on your destination

Cruises make fantastic multi-generational family vacations.  A cruise ship has something for everyone – kid’s clubs and water parks, casinos and shows for the adults.  Together, families can enjoy delicious meals, games, entertainment and adventurous excursions at ports of call.

All-inclusive family resorts have tons of activities for the youngsters, their parents and grandparents. 

You may have relatives who still live in the “old country.”  Having your family visit your ancestral home and learn the history and traditions will be forever remembered.

For other inspiration here’s Globe Trotters Best Family Vacation Destinations for 2019.

The bottom line

Families are looking for new travel experiences.  The idea of getting away and spending a fun vacation with the extended family you love can be a wonderful way to make memories that can last a lifetime.  Multi-generational travel allows families to bond, learn and spend cherished time together.

Make yours a success by considering the needs and wants of each generation when choosing the location, accommodation and activities prior to your vacation.

When you return home, protect your memories with a scrap book or video so everyone has something to look back on.

(Don’t forget that group photo.)

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